The reality of an international animation career

Our learning method consists in:

Live theoretical and practical online classes

aprox. 60/90 min

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Knowledge applied in stages

From basic to advanced:

4 complimentary study modules that guarantee a complete learning in animation

Fundamental :

Guiding principles and processes that guide animation, simple characters and dynamic exercises
12 weeks


knowledge and technique required to dominate the movements of the human body
16 weeks

Advanced body

complex exercises to attain fluidity and high level movements on body animation
24 weeks


body language, mimic, archetypes, movement creation, facial expressions (emotions), dialogue
20 weeks
Total course duration

72 weeks

Feedbacks from international animators to increase your level in animation

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With an internationally awarded mentor

bruno monteiro

with more than 20 years of experience in the business, he received some of the great international awards in the animation industry. As a teacher, his ambition is to form high end animators, capable of standing out not only in their countries, but internationally as well.
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Curious about what you will actually learn?

Check out some projects from our students:

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